Thursday, August 8, 2013

Is College Worth it? By William Bennett with David Wilezol

This book’s main point is “college is not for everybody.” There are those who are cut out for college and higher education and who are successful in their field because of their education. But, based on statistics, there are a significant number of students who either could not make it to graduation or they graduated with a degree and employed but are underpaid or couldn’t find a job related to their degree. So what went wrong? The book answers that question lengthily.

If college is not for everybody, what would those who ought not to go to college do? Bennett and Wilezol suggest that staying out of college for some will save them a great deal of time, heartache and money. They offer practical views on who should go to college and which college they should try getting in. Likewise, they describe the profiles of those who would do better by staying out of college (and possibly out of debt) and trying other alternatives.

I appreciate the fact that this book is not based on hunches and unproven theories. The authors’ claims and recommendations are based on statistics, years of research and real life experiences.

Highly recommended and a very invaluable resource for students who are contemplating on going to college and/or post graduate studies; as well as parents who want to make an informed decision in giving guidance to their kids who are preparing themselves for a career or vocation.

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