Friday, May 31, 2013

In Constant Prayer by Robert Benson

I was misled by the title “In Constant Prayer”. I expected this book to be give more tips and ideas on how we can be “in constant” prayer. Instead, it presented a narrative on the importance of saying liturgical prayers. I have nothing against liturgy. What I’m simply saying is, it is not what I expected. In fact, although I grew up in a church where prayers are free-flowing and from the heart and scriptures, I’ve learned more about why people do liturgical prayers and I respect them. They are into doing their daily or divine office (simply means prayer), and they use prayer books.

I am still not convinced that I need to learn liturgical prayers to be “in constant prayer” but I learned something new.
I want to pray unceasingly. And to me, that means not only 3-4 times a day but every moment. As often as we breathe in and breathe out, we say our thanksgiving, prayers and petition – whether in words or in thoughts.

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