Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Princess and the Kiss: A Story of God’s Gift of Purity by Jennie Bishop

Layout Design by John Silvery
Illustrated by Preston McDaniels

This is a short story for young girls ages 7-13. It is about a young princess who was given by her parents, the king and queen, one very special gift from God - a kiss. When the princess became a young lady and was ready to give the kiss away, suitors came in droves. Through her parents’ wise counsel and by her innate wisdom, the princess chose the man who was worthy of her kiss.

Book Review
I recommend this book to parents who want to teach their kids about love, relationship and purity. Young children (preschoolers) may not get the lesson the book is trying to convey at first and they usually just take the story as it is. But I would still recommend this to parents of preschoolers to teach them life lessons in a way that young minds can understand such as obedience to God and parents.
When kids become more aware and start asking questions, this is a great book to start teaching them about carefully choosing the person they will love in the future and about keeping themselves pure until the day of marriage.
Although I do not find the illustration very appealing to kids, it is good enough to portray the characters in the story. Or maybe it's just me. Pictures say more than words can describe. I don't mean to look down upon the illustrator's style.  I am fond of reading children's books, probably more than my 3-year old daughter. The pictures in this book just look a bit "shadowy" and "sketchy." The illustrations that I usually see in children's books are light, bright and fun.
The author intended this book for girls but boys can also gain insight from it. Bishop wrote another book for boys “The Squire and the Scroll.” It teaches about courage and guarding the heart from temptation. I will do a book review on it once I get a copy.

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