Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Spirit-Controlled Woman by Beverly Lahaye: A Book Review

In "The Spirit-Controlled Woman", the author Beverly Lahaye talks about how knowledge of the four temperaments namely, melancholic, phlegmatic, choleric & sanguine, plays a major part in identifying peoples’ (particularly in this book, women’s) strengths and weaknesses; and how through submission to God one can overcome her weaknesses and be used effectively by God in her relationships, work and ministry. This makes the title “The Christian Woman and Her Temperaments” seem more appropriate.

Lahaye appeals to women in all walks of life – single, married, parents, even mothers-in-law – all condensed in one book. I firmly believe that because of the complications and vastness of human experience and situations, separate books on this topic can be written for each stage of life.

After reading this book, the reader will not only have a review of Psychology 101 but she would also have a deeper understanding of herself and the people around her. Lahaye answers the question “Why do some people tend to fall into certain temptations over and over again while others don’t seem to be affected so much. She also presents some specific ways on how each temperament can deal with their weaknesses.

Overall, the book will challenge the reader to know more about herself and go to God with utter submission and desire to be changed and used by Him. This book will not answer every question the reader might have but it certainly points to the right direction. Purchase the book, start reading it and then go from there.