Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Loving Your Marriage Enough To Protect It by Jerry Jenkins

How many people do you know who once had a good marriage only to be shattered by extra marital affair? Sometimes it is a result of a bad marriage but other times even seemingly "good" marriage results in adultery. Just when a spouse think it will not happen to him/her and feels so secure in their relationship that this heartbreaking news explodes on his/her face.
I love reading and re-reading this book "Loving Your Marriage Enough to Protect It" by Jerry B. Jenkins. He tells of some practical ways to protect your marriage and family from the sin of adultery. He writes about safeguard practices (what he calls hedges) that he religiously applied based on his own personal weaknesses (flirting, inappropriate joking with the opposite sex) to avoid temptations even before they start.
As human beings with a sinful nature, nobody is exempted from being tempted to have an affair outside marriage. That is why I personally, feel scared even at the thought of having an affair, other than my husband of course. And I firmly believe that that’s where it starts. If you know that you are vulnerable and you love your family, you will at all cost, put a safeguard around you and your marriage so you do not fall into the enemy’s trap.
Jerry also clarifies that the guidelines that he wrote are what he practices and encourages the reader to make one of his own based on his/her own personality and weaknesses. At the very last chapter is the Study Guide that the reader will find helpful in pinning down the hedges he can carry out in his own home.
Do you love your marriage enough to protect it? What hedges should you plant around your marriage?