Thursday, March 5, 2009


it's not about me..
it's all about Him..

it's not about myself..
it's all about GOd..

it's not about what i want..
it's all about what HE wants..

"it's all about You, Jesus..
and Lord this for You,
for Your glory and Your fame...
it's not about me.
as if You should do things my way.
You alone are God and i surrender to Your will..
Jesus, lover of my soul..
all consuming fire is in Your gaze
Jesus, i want You to know,
i will follow You all my days..
for no one else in history is like You
history itself belongs to You..
alpha and omega, You have loved me,
and i will share eternity with You.."

im just so glad i read that Lucado book. "It's not about me" truly taught me so many important truths, truths that i often forget. God used that book to make me realize that it's not about me and not about my wants and needs. it's all about God. It's all about giving Him glory. It's all about living for Him.

now i know why it is easy for us to be focused on ourselves. simple. its because we like to live a "me-centered" life. From the day we were born, we've been wanting our own ways, and we continue to believe that "It's all about us. Every thing's about us." we always want to feel good and comfortable with our lives. Minding our own sake has been with us ever since, so we tend to be selfish. in other words, we love ourselves so much. that's the truth. we're all born with a default drive set on selfishness.

but then GOd is so good to show me that it's not the way i should live my life. im so grateful He did that. here are some of the lessons i learned and i hope you'll ponder over these and try to evaluate yourselves and the way you live your lives:

*"God does not exist to make a big deal out of us. we exist to make a big deal out of Him. its not about you. its not about me. its all about Him.

*our goal is not to absorb the glory but to reflect it back to the Maker. WE should not try to be the sun, instead we must try to be the moon--reflecting in our lives the light of the SOn.

*we are all born with a default drive set on selfishness.

God, i want Your will to be done in my life. enough of the "i-want-this" stuff. im ready to change course. it's not about me. it's all about YOu.

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